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Application for

2020 12 Month, Live Online

Mediumship Development Programme

Mavis Pittilla & Jean Else

and Annie Gee

Only beginners may apply at this time.

Payment Once Accepted into the program

$2250 Multiple payments - $750 Deposit (non-refundable) upon acceptance and 3 further payments of $500 on March 30 / June 30th / and Sept 30, 2020. Signing up for this payment method after acceptance is a commitment to make these further payments on time.

Upon receipt Jean will respond and indicate the group that you will be assigned to, and if you are happy to proceed you will make your payment at that time.

We look forward to having you join us!

Program details below

2020 12 Month, Live Online

Mediumship Development Programme

Mavis Pittilla & Jean Else

and Annie Gee

For Advanced, Intermediate, and Beginners

Whatever your level ,you will work with others who are at the same stage and you will receive full support to encourage, enhance and enrich your knowledge, understanding and practical mediumship abilities. We have been successfully running our online courses for over 4 years now with amazing results and excellent student satisfaction. Why not join us in 2020?

You will gain:

  • Increased confidence, skills and knowledge
  • Greater understanding of the Spirit World and spirituality
  • Growth in understanding of your own soul's power.
  • Knowledge and understanding of
  • awareness,
  • power,
  • blending faculties,
  • craft, and
  • responsibilities of mediumship
  • Practical skills to undertake:
  • private readings,
  • demonstrations,
  • talks and
  • with the more experienced students, teaching
  • The skills to assess and understand private sittings and demonstrations
  • An overview of the history of Spiritualism and the pioneers
  • Increased recognition of the sacredness of mediumship.
  • Insight into good reading material and study courses

You will:

  • Receive live online classes with Mavis, Jean or Annie twice per month
  • Plus 2 additional practice circles with people of the same level
  • The classes will comprise of
  • Lectures,
  • Discussions
  • Films,
  • Guided Disciplines
  • Analysis of some of Mavis’s sittings and demonstrations
  • Exercises to improve your mediumship
  • Assessments of students readings
  • The practice circles will enable you to do readings for each other under the guidance of your teachers
  • You will have your own Facebook page where
  • recordings of all sessions will be posted plus,
  • some recordings of Mavis’s talks and lectures from our archives
  • you can communicate with other students in your group.


Mavis Pittilla is one the most revered Spiritual mediums in the world today. She has been working for over 50 years demonstrating and teaching all over the world. She is a former senior tutor at the world- famous Arthur Findlay College where she was herself mentored by her friend, the wonderful Gordon Higginson, President of the Spiritualist National Union for over 20 years. There are few other tutors with such a depth of knowledge and love for Spirit.

Jean Else MA has worked alongside Mavis for many years bringing her vast educational experience and administration to the group. She encourages public speaking and presentation of the craft. She also teaches the analysis of private sittings and demonstrations, so that mediums gain full understanding of what is possible.


Annie Gee is a protégé of Mavis and Jean having trained with them for many years. She has gone through the ups and downs of mediumship development more recently than Mavis, so that she a great empathy and understanding of the process, as well as vast knowledge acquired through her own extensive study.

All three share the same passion for teaching solid foundations of mediumship, spirituality and the responsibility and ethics of this work.